Most common F.A.Q.

Is it Cheaper to buy Cat Cocos Ferry tickets with us?

Yes, it is cheaper to buy Cat Cocos Ferry Tickets with us rather buying at the Jetty. You can purchase by booking and paying online at without displaying your Credit/Debit Card Details. Just enter all the required details including your Names, Date(s) / Time of Travel, Class of Travel, the Route etc.

After you have purchased your Cat Cocos tickets online you will receive a Confirmation Voucher by email. Print this Voucher and present it to our staff at our Jetty Office. Our Staff will then give you your ferry tickets for u to check-in and board the ferry.

How long does it take to get from Mahe to Praslin & La Digue?

It takes one hour by Cat Cocos Ferry to travel non-stop from Mahe Island to Praslin Island. There are about three trips a day in both directions between Mahe & Praslin Islands.

It takes 15 Minutes to get to La Digue Island from Praslin Island. There are about eight trips a day between Praslin & La Digue Islands. This makes it ideal for Island Hopping.
Some trips are by Cat Cocos Ferry – See Cat Cocos Schedule on
But most Trips are by another Ferry called Cat Rose – See Cat Rose Schedule on

All ferry service to La Digue Island from Mahe Island has a transit stop of about 15 minutes at Praslin Island. There is only one Cat Cocos Ferry Service on Fridays that is non-stop to La Digue from Mahe Island
(See Cat Cocos Schedule on )

Do you offer Airport Transfers?

Yes we do. It is advisable to pre-book and pay for your transfers from Mahe Airport to Mahe Jetty (Also from Praslin Jetty to your Praslin Hotel) online. This way you do not have to display/you’re your Credit/Debit Card details. Visit

You can book your Transfer to be one hour after your Flight Arrival Time. e.g. If your Flight is due to arrive at 1pm then you can book your transfer for 2pm.

Can I change the date/time of my Cat Cocos tickets?

Yes, the date and time of your Cat Cocos Ferry Tickets can be changed for free if your tickets have NOT been issued yet before 48 Hours of sailing time.

Yes, the date and time of your Cat Cocos Ferry Tickets can be changed at a fee of €3/- per ticket if change is made before 24 Hours of sailing time. If less than 24 hours before sailing time, then you have to buy new tickets as full cancellation fee will apply.

How much luggage can I bring? 

Each Cat Cocos passenger is permitted one piece of carry on cabin baggage not exceeding 7kg with maximum dimensions of 50cm X 30 cm X 20cm. Any cabin baggage above this size will be considered as checked baggage and will be stowed in the cargo compartment.

All Economy Class passengers are allowed up to 30kg of accompanied checked baggage per person. Any luggage weighing more than 30kg will be charged an excess luggage fee of €2.00 per kilo. Passengers travelling in Business Class, are entitled to a maximum of 40kg of accompanied baggage per person.